Unilumin Group
Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

In 2021, chairman Lin Mingfeng donated nearly 15,721,292 dollars worth of personal shares to the Shenzhen Unilumin Public Welfare Foundation, in order to encourage Unilumin staff to do public welfare together. 

In 2020, in order to fight the epidemic of COVID-19, Unilumin donated 785,768.17 dollars (three-fifths are cash and two-fifths are supplies) to the CDC system, medical institutions, and the Red Cross Society of the affected areas, etc. 

In 2019, Unilumin donated 785,768.17 dollars to the Bao'an TCM Development Foundation, for the development of Chinese medicine. 

In 2012, Unilumin set U foundation, with a total of nearly 1,100,075.43 dollars in subsidies so far, such as donations of LED street lights in Jiao Yulu Memorial Park in Lankao County. 

In 2008, Unilumin donated more than 471,460.9 dollars to the Wenchuan earthquake-stricken area

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