Unilumin Group
Future of Unilumin

Future of Unilumin

未标题-10.jpgWhat does the future ahead hold for Unilumin?

Unilumin will focus on the strategic positioning of "Industry + Internet + Finance".

Firmly uphold the industry's ambition and uphold the artisan spirit.

Focus on LED products, services and integration solutions.

To be a world leading brand in the field of LED applications.

Contribute to the development of the industry, perform well on the world stage on behalf of China intelligent manufacturing.


Business Layout

Making sure LED display and LED lighting are the main business focus of Unilumin

Establishing an industrial Internet platform through innovative mode in lighting area

Developing new business and explore new direction for future upgrading and transformation of enterprises.


Development Goals

Taking the real benefit to the customers as the source power for the sustainable development of Unilumin Group, and create the customer's ultimate experience.

Focusing on the application scenario of LED industry, we can promote the rapid growth of high quality of the group by utilizing industrial capital, information technology and organizational capabilities, thus making elite and assistant partners successful , and promoting the progress of the industry and social development.


Vision and Positioning

Creating a technology and design platform and become the global leader in LED display solutions.

Become the world’s top professional outdoor lighting solution provider.

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