“Timely, professional, considerate, honest, satisfying” is always the service tenet of Unilumin, which has been proven very successful and gained great fame for Unilumin. Through regular visit and telephone call service, Unilumin is always ready to find and solve any problems and offer considerate services for customers; Honesty-Honesty can make great value. Unilumin will always be honest and practical, so as to offer customer the best services; Customers’ satisfaction is our greatest wish, so Unilumin will always works with heart and soul for customers; With this philosophy, Unilumin has developed a sophisticated service and management procedure. According to customers’ various requirements, Unilumin offers customer comprehensive services, including repair, product maintaining, telephone consultation, remote control, etc, so as to offer pleasant business, reliable maintenance, wonderful products to customers.

Service Philosophy:

“Never miss any question and complaint, always be ready to offer customer timely and considerate service” is Unilumin’s principle for the service departments and maintenance and repair network. Our strict management and keep improving requirements develops an excellent service team, so as to provide customer high-quality, quick and satisfying services.

Service Aim:

“What you imagine is just what we can do” is always Unilumin’s self-expectation and working purpose. Our aim is not seeking the perfect perfection, but solving any possible problems afterwards. Once you met any problem, our best solution will be right ready for customers.

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